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Jonathan Edwards is a sort of folk/country/rock singer who issued numerous albums throughout the 1970s, some of which have never seen the light of day on compact disc. Our previous issues of Lucky Day, Sailboat & Rockin' Chair have been big hits for us. We now proudly present one more of his albums for the first time anywhere on CD! Live! was originally issued in 1982 on Chronic Records. This was a small independent label and received limited distribution; so many fans may not even realize this album exists. They will be ecstatic when they hear about it, especially now that it is remastered for compact disc! Song selection includes Edwards' most famous hit - Sunshine - and his popular song Shanty, also known as the 5:00 Friday song to DJs across the country.

1. Sunshine
2. Sailboat
3. Daddy's Gone Singin'
4. Lady
5. Medley - Don't Cry Blue/Anthens County
6. Everybody Knows Her
7. Emma
8. Shanty
9. Sometimes

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