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At it's core, Son of Dad, co-produced by Stephen Wilson Jr. and Benjamin West, is a tribute to Stephen Wilson Sr., Wilson's father who trained him as a boxer from the age of five and was himself a two-time Indiana State Golden Gloves Champion. 

Informed by Wilson's wildly diverse background as a boxer, a scientist (he has a degree in microbiology and chemistry from Middle Tennessee State University) and a songwriter, the album is a cathartic and high-energy rock & roll journey that will be released exactly five years to the day his father died.


  1. The Devil
  2. Cuckoo
  3. Billy
  4. Patches
  5. American Gothic (Feat. Hailey Whitters)
  6. Werewolf
  7. Mighty Beast
  8. Year to Be Young 1994
  9. Twisted
  10. Father's SØN
  11. Grief Is Only Love
  12. Hang in There
  13. Calico Creek
  14. Holler from the Holler
  15. Hometown
  16. Not Letting Go
  17. For What It's Worth
  18. All the Wars from Now on
  19. Kid
  20. Henry
  21. You
  22. The Beginning


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