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Max McNown creates the kind of songs that perfectly soundtrack our most intimate moments: times of intense heartache and tremendous loss, immense upheaval and life-changing revelation. 

Within just a year of teaching himself to play guitar, the Oregon-bred, Nashville-based musician turned out three EPs spotlighting his emotionally potent yet nuanced lyrics - an element beautifully displayed on his breakout single A Lot More Free, a track that landed on Billboard’s Emerging Artists chart and greatly expanded his grassroots following.

Anchored in the charmingly warm vocal presence he partly honed by busking at the beach in Southern California, McNown’s debut album Wandering brings an even deeper sense of purpose to his songwriting -and, in turn, reveals his extraordinary capacity to ease the mind and strengthen the soul.


  1. Turned Into Missing You
  2. Strong As Iron
  3. The Way I Wanna
  4. Dead Set
  5. Worry 'Bout My Wandering
  6. The Most
  7. Love I Got Left
  8. Dear Evelyn
  9. A Lot More Free
  10. Rather Have A Nightmare
  11. Can't Hide Light
  12. Worry 'Bout My Wandering (Acoustic)
  13. Turned Into Missing You (Azalea String Version)


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