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Charlie Landsborough is back with Destination, an album of brand new recordings, with more than a dozen self-penned songs. Destination was was recorded in Spain and the UK, and features 16 new recordings, with Landsborough at his very best with a blend of jaunty, uptempo country tunes, along with his trademark deep and heartfelt ballads ... his traditional and much loved sound.

Charlie shot to fame in 1995 when he was featured on prime-time Irish TV, singing what has become his signature song What Colour Is The Wind. The song subsequently reached Number One on the Irish charts, leading to success in Scotland and the rest of the UK, before spreading to Australia and the US.

  1. Just Getting By
  2. Thats What Love Can Do
  3. Everything Has A Price
  4. Goodbye My Friend
  5. I Must Be An Eskimo
  6. Something Close To Love
  7. Looking For A Destination
  8. Sunset Man
  9. The Lions Share
  10. Let It Rain
  11. Serves Me Right
  12. Angel Of Mercy
  13. All He Ever Saw Was You
  14. Yesterday Just Passed My Way Again
  15. The Way Back Home
  16. Theres Nothing Time Can Do

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