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Jim Lauderdale headed out to California to work on his new album Patchwork River with friend and prior collaborator Robert Hunter, known for his lyric-writing with the Grateful Dead.

The two worked together on Lauderdale's 1999 teaming with mountain music legend Dr. Ralph Stanley, I Feel Like Singing Today, and on songs that landed on Lauderdale's 2004 release Headed For the Hills.

Lauderdale had a host of other well-known talents contributing to Patchwork River too, including Tim Coats and Doug Lancio (who produced) and Patty Griffin, E Street Band bassist Garry Tallent, Al Perkins and other A-listers.

1. Patchwork River
2. Jawbone
3. Good Together
4. Alligator Alley
5. Louisville Roll
6. Tall Eyes
7. Turn to Stone
8. El Dorado
9. Up My Sleeve
10. Far in the Far Away
11. Between Your Heart
12. Winnona
13. My Lips are Sealed

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