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Dwight McCall is the son of bluegrass veteran Jim McCall of famed Earl Taylor & Jim McCall in the sixties and his powerful tenor vocals have placed him in an elite group of today's top bluegrass singers landing him a position in JD Crowe and The New South.

His 2007 release Never Say Never Again features several original tunes including, Don't Break My Heart Again, He Never Turned Away, and also the touching Goodbye My Friend, a song that pays tribute to McCall's brother who died in a car wreck in 2000.

McCall has compiled a great mix of songwriters including Mike Evans, Jon Weisberger, Brink Brinkman and Michael Martin Murphey. The title track was written by Wayne Winkle and Craig Market.

The most interesting selection is Time of Our Lives, written by German techno dance DJ Paul Van Dyk. McCall explains, 'I heard this song playing on HBO one night while I was sleeping and it woke me up. It was real slow so I just sped it up and tried to keep it as close to the melody as I could. It's just about living in the present and enjoying life and living it.'

  1. Poor Old Man
  2. Never Say Never Again
  3. West Virginia Ground
  4. Goodbye My Friend
  5. Blue Eyed Boston Boy
  6. Logan's Crossroad
  7. Pathway Of My Savior
  8. Lost River
  9. Time Of Our Lives
  10. Don't Break My Heart Again
  11. He Never Turned Away
  12. Little Bessie
  13. My Heart Loves You More
  14. Goin' Across The Sea

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