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This 31-track set presents a unique career overview of the versatile, velvet-voiced Ferlin Husky and includes all his early hits, as both Terry Preston and Simon Crum. A handful or so of these sides are impossible to find elsewhere on CD, making this a must-have for fans.

Ferlin Husky pursued three separate singing careers. He is of course readily known as the smooth Country-Pop singer who topped the C&W charts with A Dear John Letter, Gone and Wings Of A Dove, in a hit-studded career which yielded him fifty chart records between 1953-75.

But before that he was known as Honky-Tonk singer Terry Preston, while during his "Glory Years" he would also frequently morph into Hillbilly hayseed Simon Crum, his hugely-popular alter-ego who would register hits of "his own", like Cuzz Yore So Sweet, A Hillbilly's Deck Of Cards and Country Music Is Here To Stay.


  1. Time (As Terry Preston)
  2. Hank's Song
  3. A Dear John Letter (With Jean Shepard)
  4. Forgive Me John (With Jean Shepard)
  5. I Wouldn't Treat A Dog Like You're Treatin' Me
  6. The Drunken Driver
  7. I Feel Better All Over
  8. Little Tom
  9. Cuzz Yore So Sweet (As Simon Crum)
  10. I'll Baby Sit With You
  11. A Hillbilly's Deck Of Cards (As Simon Crum)
  12. Sinful Secret
  13. Bop Cat Bop (As Simon Crum)
  14. Gone
  15. A Fallen Star
  16. Prize Possession
  17. This Moment Of Love
  18. What'cha Doin' After School
  19. Wang Dang Doo
  20. I Will
  21. Country Music Is Here To Stay (As Simon Crum)
  22. My Reason For Livin'
  23. Draggin' The River
  24. Black Sheep
  25. Wings Of A Dove
  26. Enormity In Motion (As Simon Crum)
  27. Willow Tree
  28. The Waltz You Saved For Me
  29. Somebody Save Me
  30. Stand Up
  31. It Was You


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