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Panhandle Rambler is the 2015 studio release by Flatlanders member and country rock legend, Joe Ely

In the rock 'n' roll era, the vast spaces of West Texas have been filled with great music. Joe Ely stands in a musical tradition born out of those gritty, desolate plains. Recently recognized as the Official Texas State Musician for 2016, Ely's newest is among his most personal albums in an already accolade laden career. 

Panhandle Rambler is a portrait of the land he calls home, the spirited people and stories it produces, and the special sense of destiny its very vastness creates.


  1. Wounded Creek
  2. Magdalene
  3. Coyotes Are Howlin'
  4. When The Nights Are Cold
  5. Early In The Mornin'
  6. Southern Eyes
  7. Four Ol' Brokes
  8. Wonderin' Where
  9. Burden Of Your Load
  10. Here's To The Weary
  11. Cold Black Hammer
  12. You Saved Me


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