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Love, Prison, Wisdom and Heartaches is the 37th solo studio album in Connie Smith's recording career and is a collection of 12 tracks. 

The album contains covers of songs previously recorded by other artists. Love, Prison, Wisdom and Heartaches is 82 year old Country Music Hall of Fame legend, Connie Smith's 55th studio album, and is produced by her husband Marty Stuart. 


  1. The Other Side of You
  2. Once More
  3. One of These Days
  4. If You Won't Tell on Me (I Won't Tell on You)
  5. Drifting and Dreaming of You
  6. Country Girl
  7. World of Forgotten People
  8. Seattle
  9. The Fugitive
  10. End of the World
  11. Beneath Still Waters
  12. The Wayward Wind


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