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On Livin' My Best Life (Still), Dylan Scott adds 10 tracks to his latest album. This deluxe edition features five fresh selections, including surprise viral hit What He'll Never Have, and five formerly released favorites, including his rowdy collab with Dylan Marlowe, Boys Back Home.


  1. This Town's Been Too Good to Us
  2. What He'll Never Have
  3. Boys Back Home
  4. Me and My Kind
  5. I'll Be a Bartender
  6. What I'd Want Mine to Say
  7. Heartbeat of America
  8. Getting Out Alive
  9. New Truck
  10. Amen to That
  11. Can't Have Mine (Find You a Girl)
  12. In Our Blood (Feat. Jimmie Allen)
  13. Static
  14. Lay Down with You
  15. Boy I Was Back Then
  16. Livin' My Best Life
  17. Killin' Some Time
  18. Ain't Much Left of Me
  19. Leave Her Alone
  20. Tough
  21. Hell Out of Me
  22. Nobody
  23. Good Times Go By Too Fast
  24. Nothing to Do Town
  25. Good Times Go By Too Fast (Vavo Remix)
  26. This Town's Been Too Good to Us (Vavo Remix)


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