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Warner Music Nashville's Randall King has never wavered in his honky-tonk allegiance, and with his sophomore major-label album, Into the Neon, he's taking honky tonk somewhere new-a place where 'steel guitar and smoke' meet a modern buzz. 

Schooled on icons like Keith Whitley, George Strait, Alan Jackson and John Anderson, yet inspired by modern masters like Dierks Bentley and Gary Allan, King's Into the Neon draws on his influences, allowing punchy sounds to exist side-by-side with timeless swagger, further blurring the line between yesteryear and today. 

Co-produced by King alongside Jared Conrad, and featuring 18 tracks where doubled electric guitars and heavy steel drive irresistible melodies forward, while an all-organic cast of add-ons like banjo, bouzouki and cello add depth to tender two-steppers and steel-toed boot stompers alike.


  1. One Night Dance
  2. Somewhere Over Us
  3. When My Baby's in Boots
  4. What Doesn't Kill You
  5. Hang of Hangin' on
  6. Burns Like Her
  7. Good Feelin'
  8. The One You're Waiting on
  9. Into the Neon
  10. Tonk 'Til I Die
  11. But It Ain't
  12. Coulda Been Love
  13. Damn You Look Good
  14. Hard to Be Humble
  15. Right Things Right
  16. As Far As We Go
  17. I Could Be That Rain
  18. I Don't Whiskey Anymore


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