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"I've learnt that losing Dad can make you pretty tough," Chase Rice confesses on Life Part of Livin', a touching cut from his sixth studio album, I Hate Cowboys & All Dogs Go To Hell

With this record, the singer comes to terms with grief through his latest musical chapter, pushing his artistic boundaries into uncharted territory on a deeply introspective and personal album.

Rice still finds emotional balance with a selection of light-hearted staples that serve as welcome relief. While Bad Day to Be a Cold Beer may be uncannily reminiscent of Eric Church's Drink in My Hand it's simply tailor-made for feel-good country festival nights.

Similarly, his rebellious, whiskey-drinking side is unleashed with Sorry Momma, a big old barroom anthem with some definitively terrific country instrumentation. ~ CountryHoller


  1. Walk That Easy
  2. All Dogs Go to Hell
  3. Way Down Yonder
  4. Key West & Colorado
  5. Bench Seat
  6. Life Part of Livin'
  7. Bad Day to Be a Cold Beer
  8. Oklahoma (Feat. Read Southall Band)
  9. I Walk Alone
  10. Sorry Momma
  11. If I Were Rock and Roll (Album Version)
  12. Goodnight Nancy (Feat. Boy Named Banjo)
  13. I Hate Cowboys
  14. For a Day


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