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Carly Pearce's highly anticipated fourth studio album, Hummingbird, marks Pearce's debut as a co-producer and fully represents her new musical chapter - one of forward motion. 

Following the success of her last studio album, 29: Written In Stone, Pearce leans in to her authentic country sound encompassed by the symbolism of the hummingbird which represents the album's themes of growth, humility, understanding, playfulness, and optimism.

  1. Country Music Made Me Do It
  2. Truck on Fire
  3. Still Blue
  4. Heels Over Head
  5. We Don't Fight Anymore
  6. Rock Paper Scissors
  7. Oklahoma
  8. My Place
  9. Things I Don't Chase
  10. Woman to Woman
  11. Fault Line
  12. Pretty Please
  13. Trust Issues
  14. Hummingbird

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