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With a deep-rooted love for traditional Music, Zach Top is poised to invigorate the country genre with his homage to classic sounds and authentic storytelling. 

Zach embodies the spirit of 90's country legends, shaped by his upbringing in sunnyside, WA listening to classic country music while driving around his family's ranch tending to livestock. At the age of seven, he formed a band with his siblings which set the stage for his musical ambitions. 

Throughout his teenage years and early twenties, Zach honed his craft by playing in various bluegrass bands before moving to nashville in 2021 where he has been steadily making his mark as an artist to watch. 


  1. Sounds Like The Radio
  2. Cold Beer & Country Music
  3. Cowboys Like Me Do
  4. There's the Sun
  5. Dirt Turns to Gold
  6. The Kind a Woman I Like
  7. Lonely for Long
  8. Bad Luck
  9. Use Me
  10. Ain't That a Heart Break
  11. I Never Lie
  12. Things to Do


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