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Love in the Midst of Mayhem features 10 recordings finished during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. "When everything shut down, there were times for me that were absolutely maddening," Joe Ely said. "I was sleeping more than I should. Finally, my wife, Sharon and I decided we should focus our energy on what we do best." 

Ely turned his attention to writing and recording. Love in the Midst of Mayhem is a collection that reflects his mindset over the past couple of months. "We had so much time on our hands with everything shut down," he said. "Initially, I was only going to release a couple of songs, but more songs kept coming together that fit where we are in the world right now." 

Joining Ely on the album are guitarists Mitch Watkins, Rob Gjersoe, Bradley Kopp, bassists Roscoe Beck, Glen Fukunaga, Gary Herman, Jimmy Pettit, drummers Davis McLarty, Pat Manske, Steve Meador, keyboardists Joel Guzman (also on accordion), the late Reese Wynans and the late Bill Ginn.


  1. Soon All Your Sorrows Be Gone
  2. Garden of Manhattan
  3. A Man and His Dog
  4. There's Never Been
  5. Your Eyes
  6. All You Are Love
  7. Cry
  8. Don't Worry About It
  9. You Can Rely on Me
  10. Glare of Glory


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