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Polaroid Lovers is the 7th studio album from four-time Grammy winner Sarah Jarosz. Produced by Daniel Tashian, Polaroid Lovers is a bold, creative statement that sees Jarosz exploring new sonic territory. 

The 11 songs on the album, all co-written by Jarosz with songwriters including Tashian, Jon Randall, Ruston Kelly and Natalie Hemby, touch on themes both personal and universal: love, longing, and finding one's place in the world. 


  1. Jealous Moon
  2. When the Lights Go Out
  3. Runaway Train
  4. The Way It Is Now
  5. Dying Ember
  6. Columbus & 89th
  7. Take the High Road
  8. Don't Break Down on Me
  9. Days Can Turn Around
  10. Good at What I Do
  11. Mezcal and Lime


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