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Esther Rose was in perpetual motion when she wrote How Many Times. In the span of two years, she moved three times, navigated the end of a relationship, and began touring more than ever. The New Orleans-based singer-songwriter used that momentum while she penned her third studio album. That's why, as the album title's nod to the cyclical nature of life implies, there's a rush that accompanies How Many Times as if you're experiencing an awakening, too.

With the integrity of Dean Johnson, Faustina Masigat, and Kiki Cavazos serving as primary influences, Rose expands her alt-country sound into a blossoming world of folk pop, rustic americana, and tender harmonies. A collection of complete takes recorded live to tape with rich instrumentation, soul-tugging hooks, and resonating vocal melodies, How Many Times carries you into the room in which it was made. 

  1. How Many Times
  2. Keeps Me Running
  3. My Bad Mood
  4. Coyote Creek
  5. Good Time
  6. When You Go
  7. Songs Remain
  8. Mountaintop
  9. Are You Out There
  10. Without You

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