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The Jasmine label continues its series of popular American folk music reissues, and although The Browns were more of a country group their material through the years 1957 to 1960 utilised many folk songs.

Delve into country and folk history with the first four albums presented chronologically across this delightful 2xCD set. Looking Back to See - The First Four Albums 1957-1960 includes their biggest hit Three Bells and several more of their charting singles.

For a time in the late 1950s, The Browns were one of the most popular country harmony groups and the material across this wonderful set really shows testament to that. Fully detailed liner notes complete this superb release.

Disc: 1


  1. Looking Back To See
  2. Draggin' Main Street
  3. My Isle Of Golden Dreams
  4. I Guess I'm Crazy
  5. Sky Princess
  6. I'll Hold You In My Heart
  7. How Can It Be Imagination
  8. I Heard The Bluebirds Sing
  9. I Don't Use The Word Lightly
  10. Table Next To Me
  11. You'll Always Be In My Heart
  12. Just In Time
  13. Three Bells
  14. Indian Love Call
  15. Only The Lonely
  16. Dream On (She'll Break Your Heart)
  17. Blues Stay Away From Me
  18. Where Did The Sunshine Go
  19. Unchained Melody
  20. I Still Do
  21. Love Me Tender
  22. We Should Be Together
  23. Put On An Old Pair Of Shoes
  24. Hi De Ank Tum


Disc: 2


  1. My Adobe Hacienda
  2. Red Sails In The Sunset
  3. Streamlined Cannonball
  4. Cool Water
  5. The Enchanted Sea
  6. Billy Mccoy
  7. The Old Lamplighter
  8. Am I That Easy To Forget
  9. That Little Boy Of Mine
  10. Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair)
  11. Halfway To Heaven
  12. True Love
  13. Lonely Little Robin
  14. Blues In My Heart
  15. Whiffenpoof Song
  16. Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)
  17. Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons (When I'm Gone)
  18. Blue Skirt Waltz
  19. Chandelier Of Stars
  20. Brighten The Corner Where You Are
  21. Margo (The 9th Of May)
  22. Pledge Of Love
  23. Old Village Choir
  24. Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)


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