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Stoney Creek Records'Parmalee is a family band comprised of brothers Matt and Scott Thomas (Lead Vocals/Guitar and Drums, respectively), cousin Barry Knox (Bass) and life-long best friend Josh McSwain (Guitar).

Influenced by such musical heavyweights as the Allman Brothers, Travis Tritt and Bob Seger, the band's name is derived from the small town of Parmele, NC (population 262), which is home to a small tin-roofed barn dubbed Studio B where the band practiced on every given evening.


  1. Musta Had a Good Time
  2. Day Drinkin'
  3. Move
  4. Close Your Eyes
  5. Dance
  6. Carolina
  7. Think You Oughta Know That
  8. Back In the Day
  9. My Montgomery
  10. Already Callin' You Mine
  11. I'll Bring the Music
  12. Another Day Gone


Tags: Feels Like Carolina Parmalee