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There's more to the duality of Clay Walker's debut Show Dog Nashville album Texas To Tennessee than the title.

Certainly, the realities of place are as central as this comeback album's name implies: Nashville busily working toward the next fresh hit; Texas moving at it's inimitable and familiar pace. There's also a mix of songwriting and production approaches, evident and more nuanced relationships between the songs themselves, and the overarching presence of a naturally gifted vocalist who relentlessly pursues his own development as a singer. 

But don't mistake those dualities for dichotomy - and certainly not polarity. In a storied career dotted with smash singles, platinum albums and countless honors and acclaim, maybe the connection between country's timeless themes and music- of-the-moment timeliness has been there all along.


  1. Anything to Do with You
  2. Need a Bar Sometimes
  3. Catching Up with An Ol' Memory
  4. Countryside
  5. Cowboy Loves a Woman
  6. Texas to Tennessee
  7. I Just Wanna Hold You
  8. Loving You Then
  9. You Look Good
  10. One More


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