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Tennessee-born troubadour Larry Fleet grew up on a stack of records spanning Merle Haggard, Otis Redding, Willie Nelson, and Marvin Gaye. A thoughtful songwriter with a knack for a one-liner, an ear for a sturdy hook, and a powerhouse voice that strikes like a match, Fleet was working blue-collar jobs to make ends meet long before landing his recording contract with Big Loud Records. 

Six years in, the devout family man is turning heads among fans and critics with albums full of soon-to-be-classics; 2021's tribute to the music that raised him, Stack of Records, his aptly titled 2019 debut, Workin' Hard, and his third effort, Earned It, out now.

Saving Country Music puts it simply: "If you're looking for the future of traditional country music, then look no further than ... Larry Fleet." 


  1. Earned It
  2. Lucky Dog
  3. Ain't Mad at Jesus
  4. 25-8
  5. Things I Take for Granted
  6. Lord Willing
  7. Two Beer Plan
  8. Taking the Long Way
  9. Something He'd Say
  10. Beer Needs a Beer
  11. There's a Waylon
  12. Angels Were Gone
  13. Try Texas
  14. Tennessee on You
  15. Muddy Water
  16. Devil Music
  17. Layaway
  18. Much to Talk About
  19. Grow
  20. Daddy Don't Drink
  21. Young Buck


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