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Country Again, Side A marks ACM Awards Entertainer of the Year Thomas Rhett's fifth studio album. 

According to Thomas, this album "is a lot of nostalgia and a lot of reflection; but rooted in the here and now, and in the work-in-progress of the man I am today. It's things about life that I wanted to say at 19 years old, but I hadn't even begun to gain the experience to know exactly what those things were, or how to say them. In that regard, this album was 11 years in the making."


  1. Want It Again
  2. Growing Up
  3. What's Your Country Song
  4. Where We Grew Up
  5. Heaven Right Now
  6. To the Guys That Date My Girls
  7. More Time Fishin'
  8. Country Again
  9. Put It on Ice
  10. Blame It on a Backroad
  11. Ya Heard


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