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When all said and done, though, Bar Stool Preacher from Jacob Bryant is a feelgood record, Wash It Down (my money was on whiskey, it turns out it was Beer and a country song) makes that clear, but its also one that sees Bryant talk about his beliefs. 

There are two 'gospel' songs, if you will, and while they will never be my 'thing', you have to acknowledge the passion with which Baptized By The River (as he bargains with the lord to be safe in a storm) and the even better Amen are delivered. 

That last one – also the last on the record – sees Bryant caught up in the music machine and end in a police cell. ~ Maximum Volume


  1. Well Whiskey (Discount Cigarettes)
  2. The Bottom (Raise Em Up)
  3. Can't Say No To You
  4. Baptized By The River
  5. Things That Hurt
  6. Can't Take An Angel To Hell
  7. Good Ol' Boy [UK Rock Remix]
  8. Devil & An Old Six String
  9. Buzzards
  10. Ain't Gonna Happen Today
  11. Heartbeat
  12. Wash It Down
  13. Amen


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