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The Bellamy Brothers have spent 40 years as one of the most loved and influential duos in Country music and are now set to release their new collection titled, 40 Years: The Album.

This project contains their complete brand new 20 song album, along with a bonus CD of 20 of their greatest hits.

Disc 1


  1. Let Your Love Flow
  2. If I Said You Have A Beautiful Body
  3. I Need More Of You
  4. Redneck Girl
  5. Sugar Daddy
  6. Do You Love As Good As You Look
  7. Old Hippie
  8. You Ain't Just Whistlin' Dixie Live
  9. Crossfire
  10. Lovers Live Longer
  11. Dancin Cowboys
  12. Crazy From The Heart
  13. When I'm Away From You
  14. Country Rap
  15. Feelin the Feelin
  16. I'd Lie To You For Your Love
  17. For All The Wrong Reasons
  18. Get Into Reggae Cowboy
  19. Kids Of The Baby Boom
  20. Jalapenos


Disc 2


  1. Dinosaur Wine
  2. Old Love Song
  3. Time Rocks On
  4. Dyin Breed
  5. Livin in Oblivion
  6. After The Storm
  7. Agave Blue
  8. Hippie Cowboys
  9. Heaven and Hell
  10. Thats How U Roll When U Rock
  11. The Right To Be Wrong
  12. We Dont Call 911
  13. Love By The Moon
  14. Together We Have It All
  15. Barb Wire Fence
  16. Texas Girls
  17. Jet Lag Journey
  18. Boobs
  19. October Moon
  20. The Rock


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