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Carolina Story releases their new album Colors of My Mind via Soundly Music. Emerging from a period of tremendous pain and metamorphosis for the husband-and-wife duo of Ben and Emily Roberts, the new album is a masterclass in vulnerability and a foreshadowed story of resiliency.

"For years I'd been struggling with alcohol and drugs, mostly in silence, but four days after we finished this record I went into rehab-which wasn't planned at all," says Ben. "At the time I hadn't really understood where all these songs about change were coming from, but the catharsis of recording them wound up saving my life." Emily adds, "Even though Ben was having a hard time admitting he needed help, he was definitely communicating that in the music. In a way the songs were almost prophetic, considering how much they changed our lives after the fact."

After parting ways with their former label, Carolina Story headed into the studio to sate their creative impulses, but quickly found themselves with an entire album's worth of material. The resulting collection of songs contains essential truths about transformation, surrender, and the inevitability of impermanence.


  1. Animal
  2. It's A Drag
  3. Let Go
  4. Colors of My Mind
  5. Don't Look Down on Your Dreams
  6. Again
  7. Magic
  8. Painted Lady
  9. All In My Head
  10. Angel on the Line
  11. Wake Up


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