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The Steep Canyon Rangers sessions that produced Out In The Open were brisk and instinctive, expansive yet intimate, visceral and immediate - and they would have had to be, for herein are songs that tell the big story by drawing the small ones. 

There is, to my ear, as much of Raymond Carver's literate and humane influence on display as the Osborne Brothers, as much Welty in the pointed details - both sublime and confounding - as Clark and Van Zandt.

Compassion and determination act as connective tissue when, throughout this song cycle, the bones, muscle, and blood of daily life dance with loose-limbed motion toward the inevitable, guided by an ethos best articulated by Sam Beckett who directed that when we falter, we try again and 'fail better.'


  1. Farmers and Pharaohs
  2. Let Me Out of This Town
  3. Out in the Open
  4. Can't Get Home
  5. Going Midwest
  6. When She Was Mine
  7. Love Harder
  8. Shenandoah Valley
  9. Best of Me
  10. Roadside Anthems
  11. Let Me Die in My Footsteps
  12. The Speed We're Traveling


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