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More than 40 years after first penning the award-winning bluegrass classic, Steel Rails, songwriter Louisa Branscomb is releasing a new interpretation of the song. Co-produced by Branscomb and fellow Compass award-winner Missy Raines, the song will appear on Branscomb's twelfth album, Gonna Love Anyway

The collection features a phenomenal group of singers and instrumentalists all performing their versions of Branscomb's songs, including Tina Adair, Dale Ann Bradley, Alison Brown, Becky Buller, Stuart Duncan, Jenni Lyn Gardner, Steve Gulley, Sierra Hull, Kimber Ludiker, Bryan McDowell, Missy Raines, Molly Tuttle, Jeanette Williams, and Celia Woodsmith, as well as Branscomb herself. 

Co-producer Missy Raines explains, "We took a designer approach to thinking of who we felt best matched each song." Thus listeners find singer Dave Peterson powering out a Monroe-style bluegrass traditional (Blue Moon Blues), veteran Claire Lynch on the plaintive, elegant Freight Train for a Song, and new sensation Molly Tuttle on the poignant gem of the album, Gonna Love Anyway.


  1. Gone
  2. Gonna Love Anyway
  3. Barefoot Girl
  4. Steel Rails
  5. Ain't No Good Goodbye
  6. Blue Moon Blues
  7. Freight Train for a Song
  8. There's No Marker on Our Grave
  9. Riding Double on My Old John Deere
  10. Blackbird in the Rain
  11. End of the Line


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