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Peter Rowan was just a young bluegrass boy when he caught the attention of Bill Monroe, who made him an actual Blue Grass Boy in 1963, or maybe '64. Rowan isn't certain exactly when he became the band's guitarist and lead singer, but the moment Monroe introduced him to fellow icon Carter Stanley is etched in his memory just as indelibly as the inked entry in his 1966 diary. 

Within a few months, Stanley would be gone, but the impact he and his brother, Ralph, had on Rowan - and the world - would grow even stronger. He acknowledges their influence, and finally gives the story of that meeting a definitive telling, with his debut Rebel Records release, Carter Stanley's Eyes.


  1. Drumbeats on the Watchtower
  2. A Tiny Broken Heart
  3. The True and Trembling Brakeman
  4. The Light in Carter Stanley's Eyes
  5. Let Me Love You One More Time
  6. Hills of Roane County
  7. Take My Ashes
  8. Too Late to Cry
  9. Alabama Bound
  10. Can't You Hear Me Calling
  11. Will You Miss Me
  12. A Crown He Wore
  13. Ridin' That Midnight Train
  14. A Vision of Mother


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