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While there are many fine female vocalists in bluegrass music, few can hold a candle to Donna Ulisse. Her Virginia upbringing seeps into every note she sings, making her music instantly recognisable. 

Working with producers Doyle Lawson and Jerry Salley, Donna continues to celebrate her love for traditional mountain bluegrass on Mountain Lily with an emotional varied set of songs that explores the tenacity of the human spirit while creating a timeless nostalgia for the rugged beauty of her homeplace. ~ Alan Cackett


  1. Ain't No Sleepin' In This House
  2. Don't Time Drag
  3. It's A Lovely, Lovely World
  4. Safe
  5. Rollin'
  6. Nothing Between Me And You
  7. I'm Fallin'
  8. Where The Mountain Lilies Grow
  9. The Trees Came Falling Down
  10. My Constant Savior


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