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The Kody Norris Show is one of the busiest, hardest working, and most entertaining bands in bluegrass. The group combines musical virtuosity with humor and showmanship in a throwback to the glory days of the Grand Ole Opry. 

Completing the visual package, the members sport dazzling sequined suits, hats, and custom made cowboy boots. Front man/lead singer/guitarist Kody is joined by his wife Mary Rachel Nalley-Norris on fiddle and mandolin, twenty-year-old banjo phenom Josiah Tyree, and newest member 'Cousin' Charlie Lowman on bass. Having previously recorded a handful of successful self-produced albums,  the group signed with Rebel Records in 2020.

Their debut Rebel release All Suited Up weaves classic themes with youthful creativity and modern sensibility. While some bands honor their mentors by reproducing great music of the past, The Kody Norris Show inhabits traditional bluegrass and confidently carries it forward. Kody's terrific original songs are a prime vehicle for this.

  1. Brand New Hit In Nashville
  2. I'm Going Back To The Mountains
  3. Ole Carolina
  4. Kentucky Darlin'
  5. Love Bug
  6. Farmin' Man
  7. Virginia Bound
  8. In The Shade Of The Big Buffalo
  9. Uncle Bill's Still
  10. Let's Go Strollin'
  11. Lady Of The Evening
  12. Whatcha Gonna Do

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