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Steep Canyon Rangers are Asheville, North Carolina's Grammy winners, perennial Billboard chart-toppers, and frequent collaborators of the renowned banjoist (and occasional comedian) Steve Martin. 

Their newest work, Arm in Arm, finds the band in a unique position where their sound is much more Americana than their bluegrass origins. Produced by Brandon Bell (Zac Brown, John Prine) and featuring Oliver Wood of the Wood Brothers and Michael Bearden (music director for Michael Jackson), the Rangers continue to hone their craft with unlikely collaborators while developing a sound that is uniquely their own.


  1. One Drop of Rain
  2. Sunny Days
  3. Everything You Know
  4. Every River
  5. Honey on My Tongue
  6. In the Next Life
  7. Bullet in the Fire
  8. Take My Mind (feat. Oliver Wood & Michael Bearden)
  9. A Body Like Yours
  10. Afterglow
  11. Crystal Ship


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