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The self-titled album from singer-songwriter-producer Zach Bryan is an expansive yet intimate 16-track set that explores the Grammy-nominated artist's Oklahoma roots as well as his vast and varied confluence of musical and literary influences. 

Written and produced by Bryan himself, this album is a raw and unfiltered communique from the songs' creator directly to the heart of his global audience. The album boasts appearances from The Lumineers on the song Spotless, country superstar Kacey Musgraves on album highlight I Remember Everything, as well as features from Sierra Ferrell on Holy Roller and The War and Treaty on Hey Driver. 


  1. Fear & Fridays (Poem)
  2. Overtime
  3. Summertime's Close
  4. East Side of Sorrow
  5. Hey Driver (Feat. War and Treaty)
  6. Fear and Fridays
  7. Ticking
  8. Holy Roller (Feat. Sierra Ferrell)
  9. Jake's Piano / Long Island
  10. El Dorado
  11. I Remember Everything (Feat. Kacey Musgraves)
  12. Tourniquet
  13. Spotless (Feat. the Lumineers)
  14. Tradesman
  15. Tradeshow
  16. Smaller Acts
  17. Oklahoma Son


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