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Chris Young is a study in contrasts and dualities. He's frequently complimented by music press as being a country 'traditionalist' - with good reason - but he's equally fond of pushing against stylistic boundaries. 

After scoring a major hit alongside his pal Kane Brown with 2020's Famous Friends, Young returned to the studio and embraced the many contrasts of his artistry. The result is Young Love and Saturday Nights, Young's ninth studio album and a bold statement that he's one of the most versatile and durable talents of his era. 


  1. Looking for You
  2. All Dogs Go to Heaven
  3. Young Love & Saturday Nights
  4. Don't Call Me
  5. What She Sees in Me
  6. Country Boy's Prayer
  7. Double Down
  8. Call It a Day
  9. Drink to Remember
  10. Don't Stop Now
  11. Fall Out
  12. Fire
  13. Gettin' Older
  14. Right Now
  15. Million Miles
  16. Everybody Grew Up
  17. Knee Deep in Neon
  18. Down


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