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Midland likes their music straight-up. Hardcore country, the kind you find in forgotten bars in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, wherever the neon's buzzing, but not quite dead. 

The Grammy-nominated trio plots a resurgence of their thick harmonies, tart lyrics and steel guitar with thier 2022 release, The Last Resort: Greetings From

Unfiltered, they want their country 120 proof. Whether it's a cheating song, a heartbreak ballad or a shoot-out-the-lights romper, they savor the emotions with a gusto unseen for decades.


  1. The Last Resort
  2. If I Lived Here
  3. Two to Two Step
  4. Take Her Off Your Hands
  5. Sunrise Tells the Story
  6. And Then Some
  7. Longneck Way to Go
  8. Life Ain't Fair
  9. King of Saturday Night
  10. Paycheck to Paycheck
  11. Bury Me in Blue Jeans
  12. Adios Cowboy


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