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Eric Brace and Thomm Jutz have just made their debut album. A curious fact, given they've played a few hundred shows together over the past decade, and have recorded five records together in the company of their musical comrade Peter Cooper.

But with Simple Motion, Eric and Thomm launch the next leg of their varied and impressive careers.

When Peter Cooper died in December, 2022, the music world lost one of its brightest and best. For Thomm and Eric the question before them as 2023 dawned was: 'What next?' And the answer came easily: Make music.

And so they did. The resulting 14 tracks on Simple Motion resonate with the joy of being alive blended with the deep blue of loss that we have all felt these past few years.


  1. Frost On The South Side
  2. Burn
  3. Simple Motion
  4. Outside Views
  5. Just A Moment
  6. Can't Change The Weather
  7. Anywhere But Here
  8. When London Was The World
  9. Adam & Eve
  10. What You Get For Getting Older
  11. Ramble
  12. Arkansas
  13. Nashville In The Morning
  14. Sea Fever


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