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Sheryl: Music From The Feature Documentary, the 2xCD companion piece to Sheryl Crow’s forthcoming documentary film, Sheryl, features 35 songs spanning 3 decades of music from the nine-time Grammy Award winner. 

Three new songs are included with her hits If It Makes You Happy, Soak Up The Sun, All I Wanna Do, My Favorite Mistake, Redemption Day and many more. 

Sheryl Crow has sold more the 35 million albums worldwide.

Disc 1


  1. If It Makes You Happy
  2. Leaving Las Vegas
  3. All I Wanna Do
  4. What Can I Do For You
  5. Run, Baby, Run
  6. Hard To Make A Stand
  7. Sweet Rosalyn
  8. A Change Would Do You Good
  9. Home
  10. Love Is A Good Thing
  11. Strong Enough
  12. Can't Cry Anymore
  13. Everyday Is A Winding Road
  14. Redemption Day
  15. The Difficult Kind (Live with Sarah McLachlan)
  16. I Shall Believe
  17. Real Gone (Live)


Disc 2


  1. My Favorite Mistake
  2. Riverwide
  3. Crash And Burn
  4. Steve McQueen
  5. Soak Up The Sun
  6. Out Of Our Heads
  7. Detours
  8. Be Myself
  9. Prove You Wrong (feat. Stevie Nicks & Maren Morris)
  10. Tell Me When It's Over (feat. Chris Stapleton)
  11. Beware of Darkness (feat. Brandi Carlile, Eric Clapton, and Sting)
  12. The Worst (feat. Keith Richards)
  13. Story of Everything (feat. Gary Clark Jr., Chuck D, Andra Day)
  14. Everything Is Broken (Live with Jason Isbell at The Ryman)
  15. Redemption Day (with Johnny Cash)
  16. Forever
  17. Still The Same
  18. Live With Me


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