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"As long as I can remember, I wanted to make a record with my dad," Billy Strings says. The dream to make a proper studio album is finally realized. Me/and/Dad is a collection of 14 classics that Billy and his dad, Terry Barber, know like the back of their hands. 

It's the music that made Billy the musician and human he is today. The album represents a lifelong goal finally achieved and a way for the Grammy-winning musician to honor the man who taught him how to play guitar.

  1. Long Journey Home
  2. Life to Go
  3. Way Downtown
  4. Little Blossom
  5. Peartree
  6. Stone Walls and Steel Bars
  7. Little White Church
  8. Dig a Little Deeper (In the Well)
  9. Wandering Boy
  10. John Deere Tractor
  11. Frosty Morn
  12. I Haven't Seen Mary in Years
  13. Little Cabin Home on the Hill
  14. I Heard My Mother Weeping

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