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Jaroso is the last village in south central Colorado on the New Mexico border. I knew of Mark Dudrow's adobe church for years - Mark had invited me to stop in for years and finally, we did, with one caveat: to gather a small crowd by word of mouth up from Taos and Santa Fe for a NO PA show, and make a live recording.

Erick Jaskoviak (my road and studio engineer and cooker upper of interesting audio escapades) and I came up with this idea while staying at a Chautauqua cabin in Boulder. We figured with a simple 4track recorder, one mic on instrument, one on voice and a stereo pair for the audience/room sound that a free flowing, simple, pure, FOLKlike, old-style recording would come out of it - it did - this is it. ~ Darrell Scott


  1. There's A Stone Around My Belly
  2. No One Needs Angel
  3. Life Is Cheap
  4. (Have You Ever Been Down To) Colorado
  5. Fiddler Jones
  6. Evangelina
  7. The Hummingbird
  8. Who Carried You
  9. On Life's Other Side
  10. Saint Cecilia
  11. Colorado
  12. A Satisfied Mind (Bonus Track)


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