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Cody Jinks is a ground-breaking independent artist and one of music's most prolific and beloved musicians. Throughout his trailblazing career, he has sold over 2 million equivalent units, garnered over 3 billion streams across platforms and recently received Pandora Radio's Billions Award, after receiving 1 billion streams on the platform. - 

Continually committed to supporting and protecting independently minded artists, Jinks recently launched an unprecedented partnership between his own Late August Records and The Orchard with their first signing, Erin Viancourt. Change The Game is Jinks' 2024 album release.


  1. Sober Thing
  2. Outlaws and Mustangs
  3. I Can't Complain
  4. Take This Bottle (Feat. Pearl)
  5. Deceiver's Blues
  6. A Few More Ghosts
  7. Change the Game
  8. I Would
  9. The Working Man
  10. Wasted
  11. Always Running
  12. What You Love


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