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Nickel Creek's Celebrants is a record about embracing the friction inherent in real human connection. We begin the record yearning for and pursuing harmonious connection. We end the record having realized that truly harmonious connection can only be achieved through the dissonance that we've spent our entire adult lives trying to avoid. 

The album was produced, recorded and mixed by Eric Valentine (also produced Nickel Creek albums Why Should The Fire Die, A Dotted Line and contains 18 tracks, two of which are instrumental.


  1. Celebrants
  2. Strangers
  3. Water Under the Bridge, Part 1
  4. The Meadow
  5. Thinnest Wall
  6. Going Out
  7. Holding Pattern
  8. Where the Long Line Leads
  9. Goddamned Saint
  10. Stone's Throw
  11. Goddamned Saint, Reprise
  12. From the Beach
  13. To the Airport
  14. ... Despite the Weather
  15. Hollywood Ending
  16. New Blood
  17. Water Under the Bridge, Part 2
  18. Failure Isn't Forever


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