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From the archives of Hightone Records, this 2on1 release from Buddy Miller features his 1995 debut Your Love And Other Lies, combined with Poison Love from 1997.

Buddy was also the lead guitarist for Emmylou Harris, and she returned the favour by contributing backing vocals on Poison Love.

Your Love & Other Lies

  1. You Wrecked Up My Heart
  2. Don't Listen To The Wind
  3. That's How I Got To Memphis
  4. I'm Pretending
  5. Through The Eyes Of A Broken Heart
  6. I Don't Mean Maybe
  7. Hold On My Love
  8. Hole In My Head
  9. Watching Amy Dance
  10. I Can't Slow Down
  11. My Love Will Follow You
  12. You're Running Wild
  13. A Girl Like You

Poison Love

  1. Nothing Can Stop Me
  2. 100 Million Little Bombs
  3. Don't Tell Me
  4. Poison Love
  5. Baby Don't Let Me Down
  6. Love Grows Wild
  7. Love In The Ruins
  8. Draggin' The River
  9. Help Wanted
  10. Thats How Strong My Love Is
  11. Lonesome For You
  12. I Can't Help It
  13. Love Snuck Up

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