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Pickin' Like A Girl by the Daughters of Bluegrass is a vast, star-studded 4-CD collection of new recordings by one hundred and thirty three of the most renowned women, worldwide, performing and promoting the bluegrass genre today.


Tina Adair Martha Hearon Adcock Brooke Aldridge
Virginia Lee Blood & Letitia Ayers Alysha & Emily Bankenster Wanda Barnett
Lorrie Carter Bennett Kristin Scott Benson Heather Berry-Mabe
Ashlee Blankenship Rebecca Isaacs Bowman Garnet Bowman
Rachel Johnson Boyd Dale Ann Bradley Louisa Branscomb
Gena Britt Becky Buller Rachel Burge
Nancy Cardwell Erdos Janette Carter Laura & Anna Maybelle Cash
Megan Lynch Chowning Donica Christensen June Cobb
Jamie Collins Pam Perry Combs Renee Missy Daley
Cara Digiovanni Frannie Digiovanni Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Engle
Debi Evans Rebecca Frazier Pam Gadd
Jenni Lynn Gardner Meghan Mcwilliams, Adele Ingram, Siobhan Skates, Sharon Morgan & Ruth Millar - Wookalily Sharon Gilchrist
Megan Gregory Debbie Gulley Dixie Hall
Kelsi Robertson Harrigill Karen Hodges Lisa Horngren
Sierra Hull Lily Isaacs Sonya Isaacs Yeary
Stacy York Isaacs Jillianne Jerkins Teresa Jett
Gail Rudisill Johnson Sally Jones Lorraine Jordan
Kathy Kallick Annette Kelley Susie Keys
Sheila Lancaster Beth Lawrence Melissa Lawrence
Sarah Lawrence Laurie Lewis Bridget Lieux
Lily Lieux Corrina Rose Logston Lizzy Long
Rebekah Long Karen Lynne Janice, Larita & Jeana Martin
Janet Mcgarry Fayssoux Starling Mclean Brandy Miller
Frances Mooney Jana Mougin Susanne Mumpower-Johnson
Terri Mundy Leah Needham Michelle Nixon
Alecia Nugent Stella Parton Missy Raines
Mindy Rakestraw Laura Ray Deanie Richardson
Sarah Rigsby Tina Rigsby Andrea Roberts
Jaelee Roberts Charli Robertson Courtney Rorrer
Kathy Sacra-Anderson Becky Schlegel Melissa Sherman
April Stevens Sieber Vicki Simmons Jessica Smith
Valerie Smith Annie Staninec Haley Stiltner
Jennifer Strickland Robin Roller Thixton Pam Tillis
Melissa Bankester Triplett Donna Ulisse Wanda Vick
Jeanette Williams Jenny Williams Sonya Stead, Sandy Whitley, Katie Springer & Crystal Richardson - Sweet Potato Pie

Disc 1:

  1. Pickin' Like A Girl
  2. Hound Dog Blues
  3. Somewhere In Kentucky Tonight
  4. Creecy Greens
  5. The Meanest Lady Cop
  6. Men
  7. Mama Remember
  8. I'm Gonna Try
  9. Local Flowers
  10. Follow Me Back To The Fold
  11. Poor Little Sadie
  12. I Don't Live There Anymore
  13. Nothin' About Trains
  14. Kentucky In The Rain
  15. Empty Old Mailbox
  16. Song Maker
  17. To A Dove
  18. Molly And Mildred

Disc 2

  1. Never Can Forgive 'Til I Forget
  2. You're Good To Go
  3. My Little World
  4. Independent Rose
  5. Bluebird In The Rain
  6. The Grave Robber
  7. Pretty Girls
  8. The Next Train
  9. For Better Or Worse
  10. Hazel Creek
  11. The Hummingbird Man
  12. Clinch Mountain Mystery
  13. No Matter How Hard I Cry
  14. The Moon Ain't Square
  15. The Windowsill Song
  16. Sit Down And Cry
  17. I Can Make It Happen

Disc 3

  1. Walking Through Bethlehem
  2. Buildings Ain't Churches
  3. Let Me Fly Low
  4. He Loves To Hear You Shout
  5. I Want You To Meet My Friend
  6. Pray Right Here
  7. Welcoming Tomb
  8. Yes, He Can
  9. Keep Me In Your Prayers
  10. Take Just A Minute For Him
  11. Do Something For Jesus Today
  12. Get In The Boat
  13. Mother's Silent Prayer
  14. There's Always A Light In The Church
  15. Walk Slow
  16. He Knows The Way
  17. He's The One

Disc 4

  1. Proud To Be A Daughter
  2. I Don't Think I'm Going Back To Harlan
  3. Keep On Walking
  4. (There Ought To Be) More To Love Than This
  5. Carolina State Of Mind
  6. Desmoranda
  7. I'm Gonna Love You Now
  8. Nobody Home
  9. Leaving Here For Nashville
  10. Everybody Got A Light
  11. The Old Family Table
  12. Will You Ever Be Satisfied
  13. Go Up On The Mountain And Wait
  14. I Made A Friend Of A Flower Today
  15. Your Memory Followed Me Home
  16. Scenes From An Old Country Graveyard

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