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'Ive always had a taste for traveling alone'Tift Merritt sings in the title track of her fifth album. This time around, she got to prove it, calling the shots and letting herself go wherever she needed to go at a point in time when she was a free agent without label or manager.

For Traveling Alone, Merritt knew - and got - exactly the journeymen she wanted with her on this 11-track trip: legendary guitarist Marc Ribot, Calexico drummer John Convertino, steel player extraordinaire Eric Heywood, acclaimed jazz and rock multi-instrumentalist Rob Burger, and longtime cohort Jay Brown on bass. The sound is both spare and luxurious. Nothing to hide behind, no distractions, no sense trying to be everything to everybody. Theres a beautiful economy of motion on Traveling Alone.

  1. Traveling Alone
  2. Sweet Spot
  3. Drifted Apart
  4. Still Not Home
  5. Feeling of Beauty
  6. Too Soon to Go
  7. Small Talk Relations
  8. Spring
  9. To Myself
  10. In the Way
  11. Marks

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