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Sorrow & Smoke: Live at the Horseshoe Lounge is the 2011 two CD live album from American singer/songwriter Slaid Cleaves.

When Slaid Cleaves moved from Portland, Maine, to Austin, Texas, at the tail end of 1991, he landed on South Lamar Boulevard, a few blocks from the legendarily seedy Horseshoe Lounge. But as he points out on his new live album, 'It was many years of drivin' by before I worked up the courage to come in through the door.'

And now, 20 years after his Southwest migration, he's releasing his first live album, Sorrow & Smoke: Live At The Horseshoe Lounge. The album fully conveys the spirit of an intimate yet jovial crowd: Clinking beer bottles. Laughter. Sing-alongs. Good-natured heckling.

Disc 1

1. Hard To Believe
2. Horseshoe Lounge
3. Drinkin' Days
4. Black T Shirt
5. No Angel Knows
6. Below
7. Tumbleweed Stew
8. Sinner's Prayer
9. Broke Down
10. New Year's Day

Disc 2

1. Cry
2. Lydia
3. Green Mountains And Me
4. Horses
5. Texas Top Hand
6. Rolling Stone
7. Breakfast In The Hell
8. Key Chain
9. One Good Year
10. Go For The Gold

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