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Gary Allan's new album Set You Free is an album that embodies his own evolution toward personal, creative freedom. The album, sequenced with a storyline in which a man breaks the restraints of a failed relationship and conquers the loneliness of its aftermath, is the result of Allan's own journey as a man and as an artist.

Allan took a number of new steps during the recording process by mixing up the production team, playing lead guitar on a number of tracks, writing more of his own material and using a handful of new co-writers. As a result, Set You Free is the most optimistic album of his career, one that acknowledges the hurdles of the past and the ways in which they ve helped to shape his current sense of renewal.


  1. Tough Goodbye
  2. Every Storm
  3. Bones
  4. Whiskey
  5. Sand In My Soul
  6. You Without Me
  7. One More Time
  8. Hungover Heart
  9. No Worries
  10. Drop
  11. Pieces
  12. Good As New



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