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Jesse Daniel is an artist formed from a life of opposites and everything about his new album, Rollin' On reflects that dynamic. 

Two years removed from his self-titled debut and three years clean and sober, Daniel established his musical footing within the Golden State's punk music circuit, becoming intertwined with the worst parts of a fast and loose public lifestyle in the process. 

"Traveling gave me a lot of perspective and made me remember that there's a whole world of people going through life just like me, trying to be happy. The tone of this record was shaped by those obstacles in a positive way and I think that Rollin' On embodies the feeling of moving forward. 

If I could impart anything to the listener, it's that you don't have to stay stuck. You're the only one who can keep you there. That's the common theme.


  1. Tar Snakes
  2. If You Ain't Happy Now (You Never Will Be)
  3. Rollin' on
  4. St. Claire's Retreat
  5. Champion
  6. Chickadee
  7. Mayo and the Mustard
  8. Bringin' Home the Roses
  9. Sam
  10. Old at Heart
  11. Only Money, Honey
  12. Son of the San Lorenzo


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