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Your Town Tonight is singer-songwriter Eliza Gilkyson's first-ever live release in a music career that began in the late 1960s. Responding to adamant demands for a live CD, Eliza Gilkyson delivers 14 songs full of the passion and humor that fans have come to expect in her moving live performances.

Your Town Tonight is unique in its breadth, showcasing older originals like Rose of Sharon and Lights of Santa Fe, as well as covers of songs by Bob Dylan (Jokerman) and her father Terry Gilkyson (Bare Necessities and Green Fields).

Recorded predominantly at the CactusCafe in her hometown of Austin, Texas, the album features a familiar cast of characters that includes her long-time producer Mark Hallman and her award-winning band. Also joining her is label-mate Ray Bonneville, adding searing blues harmonica.

  1. Beauty Way
  2. Green Fields
  3. Dark Side of Town
  4. Tender Mercies
  5. Jokerman
  6. Rose of Sharon
  7. Tennessee Road
  8. Angel And Delilah
  9. Hard Times In Babylon
  10. Jedidiah 1777
  11. Lights of Santa Fe
  12. Easy Rider
  13. Requiem
  14. Bare Necessities

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