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Supposedly, this Steve Earle record is unlike all other Steve Earle records because it was recorded with beats. But production by Dust Brother John King notwithstanding, Washington Square Serenade impacts just like any other Steve Earle record - lyrics first.

So fans will follow the title's hint and take this for the New York record of a Texan turned Nashvillian turned Greenwich Villager. After all, two of its strongest songs are Down Here Below, a talky pan-New York City meditation from the twin vantages of Central Park hawk Pale Male and old-school New Yorker journalist Joseph Mitchell, and City of Immigrants, which is as warmly appreciative as the subject deserves. Two fine love songs to Earle's wife, harmony-singing Allison Moorer are other high points. ~ Rolling Stone

  1. Tennessee Blues
  2. Down Here Below
  3. Satellite Radio
  4. City Of Immigrants (with Forro In The Dark)
  5. Sparkle And Shine
  6. Come Home to Me
  7. Jericho Road
  8. Oxycontin Blues
  9. Red Is The Color
  10. Steve s Hammer (For Pete)
  11. Day's Aren't Long Enough (with Allison Moorer)
  12. Way Down In The Hole

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