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The Best of the Classic Capitol Singles is a2013 collection from the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson. Idolized by three generations of rockers, from Las Vegas to Stockholm, Wanda Jackson has never worn her crown as to the attitude born.

Debuting on Country radio when she was still too young to drive, she would enter middle-age singing joyfully for the Lord. But in between, she would meet Elvis Presley and record her legendary Capitol singles, some of them fueled by rock 'n' roll nitroglycerin.

Yet, to hear this selection now is to also marvel at how wildly Wanda veered from style to style, as if the gorgeous, spaghetti-strapped Oklahoma rockabilly queen cared no more for the confines of genre than she did for a respectable neckline. She tore through songs that Elvis sang, The Cadillacs sang, Betty Hutton sang. She drew from jazz greats, R&B legends, and writers revered in the Nashville song factories.


  1. I Gotta Know
  2. Half As Good A Girl
  3. Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad
  4. Silver Threads And Golden Needles
  5. Let Me Explain
  6. Don a Wan a
  7. Cool Love
  8. Did You Miss Me
  9. Fujiyama Mama
  10. No Wedding Bells For Joe
  11. Honey Bop
  12. Just A Queen For A Day
  13. Mean Mean Man
  14. (Every Time They Play) Our Song
  15. Rock Your Baby
  16. Sinful Heart
  17. Let's Have A Party
  18. Little Charm Bracelet
  19. Riot In Cell Block Number Nine
  20. Right Or Wrong
  21. Funnel Of Love
  22. In The Middle Of A Heartache
  23. I'd Be Ashamed
  24. The Greatest Actor
  25. You Bug Me Bad
  26. But I Was Lying
  27. Sympathy
  28. This Should Go On Forever
  29. We Haven't A Moment To Lose



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