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See You On The Moon is Tift Merritt's most visceral work to date. A deeply centered departure, these focused and creative musical short stories find Tift at the height of her powers.

To bring her musical short stories to life, Merritt recruited Tucker Martine, best known for his work with Bill Frisell, The Decemberists, Sufjan Stevens, Laura Veirs, Spoon, and as one of Paste magazine's top ten producers of the decade. Martine produced, recorded and mixed the record while receiving a detailed tour of Tift's native turf. 'It made a lot of sense to take this record back to North Carolina,' she added. 'Build a fort in our own backyard.'

With longtime band mates Zeke Hutchins on drums, Jay Brown on bass and vocals, and guitar player Scott McCall, the Martine-Merritt partnership sounds firmly anchored in the deep water of home while deliberately and wholeheartedly venturing from the docks.

At heart, See You On The Moon is a profoundly focused Tift doing what she does best better than she ever has - poignant writing and performing welded to the steady pursuit of new places. Joining the `Moon' sessions were, among others, celebrated pedal steel guitarist Greg Leisz and My Morning Jacket's Jim James.

1. Mixtape
2. Engine To Turn
3. The Things That Everybody Does
4. Six More Days Of Rain
5. Feel Of The World
6. Never Talk About It
7. All The Reasons We Don't Have To Fight
8. Live Till You Die
9. Papercut
10. See You On The Moon
11. Danny's Song
12. After Today

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